Jan. 21st, 2017

inferiorwit: (goat)
me: Hi, quick question. The website says you have a Dungeon Master's screen in stock but I can't find it on the shelf?
her: oh god

her, scanning the shelf: Wait, these don't go here.
her: (starts pulling books off the shelf)
me: Was that a gluten-free cookbook? In the gaming section?
her, with incredible weariness: YES.

her: Okay, let's check when it came in.
her: July 9th.
me: Oh Jesus, it could be anywhere by now.
her: Right???

me: So I'm guessing you don't move a lot of these.
her: WE DON'T.

her: Let's see if any of our other stores have it.
her: There's one in stock at... the Edmonton International Airport.
me: Right, of course.
her: Of course that's where it is.

me: This isn't a big deal, I just had $10 left on a gift card I wanted to spend.

her: I can call the airport location...?
me: I'm not going to the airport for a DM screen.
her: Yeah, I figured.

me: Well, thanks for the help, at least.
her: I'm probably gonna find it the moment you leave.
me: Probably.

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