Dec. 21st, 2015

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“‘Ordinary teenage girl is secretly super special.’ Next.”

“‘Ordinary twentysomething dude is secretly super special.’ Next.”

“Six novels’ worth of anime catboy porn. Next.”

“Why is there so much Maze Runner fanfiction on here?”

“Oh, hey, this one’s actually pretty good–no, wait, now the narrator’s ranting about Obamacare. Next.”

“Shoehorned heterosexual romance. Next.”

“Bleeding Cowboys on the cover. Next.”

“Did… did someone just copypaste the entirety of Pride and Prejudice onto here? What the fuck?”
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I think the problem with a lot of fantasy authors is that they look at Tolkien’s bad habits, such as his tendency to waste the reader’s time with pointless bullshit, and think, “well, Lord of the Rings was good, therefore this must also be good and I should definitely try to incorporate this into my own work.” Which is how we get droves of cookie-cutter novels that digress into lethally boring minutiae for pages at a time and call it “world-building.”
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It was a very entertaining movie, and I really enjoyed it. But it felt like J.J. Abrams decided, very early on in the production, that his Star Wars movie was going to do every single thing the first Star Wars movie did, only louder.


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